• Team Builder Module

  • Two-Hour Workshop (Corporate / Organization Environment)

    The RECALIBRATION Team Builder Module is different than all the other modules, in that it is designed to be done as teams, either natural teams in corporations, businesses, or organizations.   The Team Builder Module uses the fundamental tools of The RECALIBRATION and directs it toward the group, namely, the self, within the group, and then the group as a whole dynamic.

    (This module can be used as a standalone module though it works best as part two after Module 1).

    This can be one of the more fun modules of the series because it is highly interactive.  This module allows participants to not only get to know themselves better within a group, but the group to get to know the individual better too.

    Through the course the group can begin to take on a group dynamic outside of work related situations, leading to stronger bonds, understanding and more cohesive group relations.

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