• Foundational Workshop Module 2

  • Two-Hour Workshop (Corporate / Organization Environment)

    (This module can be a standalone module though it works best as part two after Module 1).

    One does not have to understand the tools of The RECALIBRATION and how they work in order to use them, and therein lies the potential in getting straight to work on current needs of the business or organization with this module, when time is a concern.  The tools are quick and effective even without the background information.

    Ideally, however, participants will have had the benefit of learning The RECALIBRATION model through Foundational Workshop Module 1, had a break, and then take Foundational Workshop Module 2 as part of a half-day curriculum.

    For Foundational Workshop Module 2, depending on the individual or group’s specific needs, subject matter experts can be brought in to co-facilitate in small groups, or team leaders.

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