• "Who do you want to be when you grow up?” Is a more relevant question now than it ever was, when you were a child. Why? Because, knowing the decisive answer to that question at this stage in life can be career advancing, financially impacting, relationship strengthening, and in some cases, literally health / lifesaving. 

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    • Filippo is a Business and Personal Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author and former Junior Manager at IBM.  While studying at the University of California, San Diego, Filippo, created a coursework for an emerging field, which was not offered at the time.  The creation of this field of study, set the tone for Filippo’s professional career.

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    • The Life IMPROVment Workshop is an independent course, that can be used as an adjunct to any and all of The RECALIBRATION Workshops. The premise of this course is to use the tools of IMPROV to improve any aspect of our lives. Since the only constant in life is change, learning how to deal with change is paramount.

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    • For Those Who Want To Take Their Life and Business To the Next Level

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    • Testimonials

    • "I took this workshop with Filippo Voltaggio and encourage anyone to RECALIBRATE at least once with Filippo and then ongoingly for the rest of one's life. Can be of great benefit to anyone at any place on their life path.”

      Lael Belove (Founder of YES Salon International)

    • "The progressive questions asked throughout the process really helped me see myself in a helpful way. I was able to identify some limiting beliefs that I hadn’t seen before, and I have worked with excellent coaches and therapists in the past. I would highly recommend this for group or individual self exploration!”

      Monte Cox (Personal Trainer)

    • "Filippo is a genius. He is very good at helping people gain different perspectives about themselves and guiding them to understand their issues on a deep level. His sense of humor enhanced the experience! Powerful and priceless."

      Sapatsanun Chitrakul (Psychology Major)

    • About

    • The Recalibration Workshop

      The Recalibration™ is not just another self-help series of workshops.

      There are an abundance of “self help” workshops, seminars and webinars that focus on helping people change one aspect of their personal or professional lives. Many people who are serious about self improvement have participated in more than one of these workshops seeking to discover answers and solutions.  Many times they are “easy” answers and many times people are disappointed to later learn that the answers didn’t apply to them or the results were only temporary, or isolated.

      True, lasting and balanced change can only come from a foundation of knowing one’s core and true self.

    • The RECALIBRATION courses work in compliment to the newer understandings of “the laws of good business,” “the laws of success,” “scientific laws,” “laws of psychology,” and the old adage, “you can’t change anyone but yourself.”

      The coursework skillfully guides each group participant to individually look at themselves and their work, life, relationship, etc., from the inside out, the outside in, and from the proverbial 50,000 feet; from the past to the present and from the present to the future. To create the future results, company, career, product, body, relationship, family, etc, we want in our lives.

      Develop an "INTRAPERSONAL" RELATIONSHIP with yourself, solidify your CORE, BREAKTHROUGH mental and emotional blocks, REWRITE your past, present and future life story, and RECALIBRATE your life.

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