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    The Recalibration™ is not just another self-help series of workshops.

    There are an abundance of “self help” workshops, seminars and webinars that focus on helping people change one aspect of their personal or professional lives. Many people who are serious about self improvement have participated in more than one of these workshops seeking to discover answers and solutions.  Many times they are “easy” answers and many times people are disappointed to later learn that the answers didn’t apply to them or the results were only temporary, or isolated.

    True, lasting and balanced change can only come from a foundation of knowing one’s core and true self.

    The RecalibrationThe Recalibration™ Workshops focus on this maxim. The methodology used in The Recalibration coursework is referred to as “Core,” “Basic” or “Foundation,” because it works at the Core of Self, Beliefs and Issues, taking participants back to Basics. It helps lay a Foundation for one’s true goals, life intention, career path, purpose and fulfillment.

    As Filippo Voltaggio, Founder of The RECALIBRATION, and the team of Co-facilitators guide seekers of lasting personal change through exercises creating a delineation between the conscious and subconscious mind, and the “dig deep” series of questions that uncover the core values, beliefs and perceptions that have been driving their results up until now, the clouds begin to clear and dis-empowering patterns emerge.

    Different PerspectiveThey create the space for the group to share and help one another see past obstacles, challenges, disappointments and limitations and see them from a new and different perspective, transforming past obstacles into opportunities, challenges into gifts, disappointments into discovery and limitations into liberation. Dark areas from the past are illuminated in such a way that blocked ideas and negative behaviors can naturally dissolve, allowing every individual to “reprogram” their former selves into a new and healthier person living the life they deserve to live and then “reset” it so that it sticks. And the best of all, all of this transformation takes place in a fun and supportive environment, the quickest and most efficient way to learn and make lasting change.

    The RECALIBRATION courses work in compliment to the newer understandings of “the laws of good business,” “the laws of success,” “scientific laws,” “laws of psychology,” and the old adage, “you can’t change anyone but yourself.”

    The coursework skillfully guides each group participant to individually look at themselves and their work, life, relationship, etc., from the inside out, the outside in, and from the preverbal 50,000 feet; from the past to the present and from the present to the future. To create the future results, company, career, product, body, relationship, family, etc, we want in our lives.

    By way of this interactive course, participants are guided to dig deep, reprogram and reboot their lives, careers, relationships, finances, and more.

    Develop an INTRAPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with yourself, solidify your CORE, BREAKTHROUGH mental and emotional blocks, REWRITE your past, present and future life story, and RECALIBRATE your life.

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