• The Facilitators

  • Introducing the Life Changes Coaches and Facilitators

    Filippo Voltaggio – Creator of The RECALIBRATION, Business and Personal  Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author and former Junior Manager at IBM.

    Filippo VoltaggioWhile studying at the University of California, San Diego, Filippo, with guidance from the Dean of Schools, created a coursework for an emerging field, which was not offered at the time.  The field was “Engineering Management with Emphasis in Computer Engineering,” for which he went on to earn his Bachelors.

    The creation of this field of study, more so than the study itself, proved to be what would set the tone for Filippo’s professional career.  Hired by IBM right out of school, though he started out in Sales, and was subsequently well decorated in that field, he quickly moved into being part in creating a new position.  IBM had just entered into business partnerships with software and systems developers, and Filippo was one of the first to manage and forge the development of this relationships and those companies.

    After leaving IBM to pursue his love of music, Filippo went on to perform in front of audiences in various parts of the world, with full orchestra, on PBS Specials, and have his music featured in Hollywood films.

    Returning to his systems background, Filippo used his IBM and performance background to work one-on-one, and later on in groups as a business and personal life coach.  From that grew two courses, The RECALIBRATION Series, and Life IMPROVment Workshops.  The former laying the most solid foundation of Intrapersonal awareness in order to create our future goals and desires, and the later, using the well established tools of IMPROV to improve one’s day to day life.  Both series of courses are for corporate business and personal development.

    Dorothy Lee Donahue – The RECALIBRATION Co-Facilitator, Author, Business and Life Coach

    Dorothy Lee Donahue

    Though as an adult female in Texas, in the early ’60,s Dorothy, was encouraged to be a housewife in spite of the fact that her marriage was emotionally abusive.  Scholastically tested and recognized as a genius, as a child, her intelligence was less than appreciated as she questioned so many things.

    After becoming a divorced single mother of two, she worked hard and supported herself and her two children while climbing the corporate ladder and the ranks in the Mortgage Industry. Dorothy started out as a receptionist and ended up being Executive Vice President in only a few months and then had her own branch office.

    Long before “Business Coaching,” and “Life Coaching” was a thing, Dorothy provided such services to her employees and co workers, and soon, to the corporate offices.  Dorothy coached the loan officers and the loan processors in ways that assisted them in getting along with one another and this made her branch office much more successful and more profitable than the others in the same company.  She had a special gift that allowed her to see who was most suited for particular jobs within the organization.  After a while, the ins and outs of the Mortgage Industry started to take a back seat to her support of people in their lives and careers.

    Dorothy left Corporate America and was one of the pioneers of the “Self-Help” Industry.  Meanwhile, she herself studied philosophers, religions, mystics, physicists and spiritualists.

    Well established in her chosen profession as a Life Coach, Dorothy co-facilitates The RECALIBRATION with her vast and in-depth amount of knowledge in the field of business and self-help.  She has also created her own course work for those interested in esoteric studies, Energetic Alchemy and the Wisdom School

    Mark Laisure – The RECALIBRATION Co-Facilitator, Venture Strategist, Speaker and Business Coach

    Mark Laisure

    Like many of us, Mark has a robust and intimate relationship with change, both personally and professionally. Along the way he’s discovered and authored numerous strategic and invaluable tools to navigate “life changes.”

    He’s traveled a few trips up, down and around the mountain of success, learned a multitude of relationship lessons along the way, earned a psychology degree, numerous transformational healing certifications and untold lessons in business. One could say Mark has lived the experiences and much of the roller coaster of “every man.” He’s emerged with one heck of a sense of humor and a passion for helping others “do life better.” Mark knows that wisdom is gained through experience…and while the successes are fun and empowering – it is in the setbacks and challenges that the magic of truth and healing is revealed. In elevating beyond the setbacks, Mark has found this is where wholeness and authenticity are ultimately realized and true transformation occurs.

    Mark has devoted considerable time, resources and efforts towards a greater understanding of the psychology of transformation, on both a personal level and in awareness of an ever-evolving global consciousness. A team of like-minded professionals emerged to co-create – bring form and focused purpose to this work and out of this exploration came The LIFE CHANGES Network. Mark’s passion lives in his pioneering expertise for conscious media and transformational events. He is Co-Founder of LIFE CHANGES LLC – the umbrella under which lives an extensive array of enlightening and empowering media and educational curriculum. He is Producer and Co-Host of the LIFE CHANGES Show – the radio and live event arm of The LIFE CHANGES Network – spanning over 8 years of interviews filled with conscious, life affirming content, both comedic and poignant.

    Recognizing the power of fun and focus – Mark is Co-Facilitator of “Life IMPROVment™” – an interactive workshop utilizing entertainment and comedy improv as a transformational tool. Additionally, Mark Co-Facilitates another LIFE CHANGES presentation – “The Recalibration™.”

    A focused immersive course “The Recalibration™” is designed to realign individuals with their inner child, leading to fast and meaningful life path course correction.

    Mark enjoys work as a keynote speaker and teacher/educator. His talks primarily focus on topics relating to change as it directly relates to personal transformation of self or business. Some presentation topics include:

    ~ Feeding Your Mind

    “Watching what we feed our mind as we do our body.”

    ~ Re-Organizing Your Business

    “You are the parents of your business and it is a living, energetic entity.”

    ~ Reinstalling Happiness

    “You are the cause you are looking to align with, your feelings are your frequency and what you broadcast, is what you attract in return…”

    At the core of Mark’s presentations is a focus on the field science and understanding that we are energetic beings and connected at the heart. Becoming aware and embracing the core principle of oneness changes the paradigm in all aspects on one’s living, relationships and business. Life experience manifests from within and personal responsibility is paramount to successful results.

    Born and raised in the Midwest, Mark was an entrepreneur before the age of 19. Early in his career, he spent 10 years on Wall Street with firms such as UBS Paine Webber, Shields & Company and Dillon, Read & Company and served as a guiding force behind several start-ups, IPO’s, takeovers, and turn-arounds. Most notably; Inktomi Corporation (acquired by Yahoo!), Milcom (now Arsenal Venture Partners), Teranex (video processing), Mesh Networks (acquired by Motorola), Zeros and Ones (Digital Convergence), ONEHOPE Wine (cause centric commerce).

    Mark has received numerous awards and accolades for his work as a venture strategist, inventor and entrepreneur including an Emmy Award, R&D 100 Award (the “Oscars of Invention”) and a Business Week Product of the Year Award.

    Mark’s focus is now primarily aligned with Public (Keynote) Speaking and Facilitating. A sampling of the tools Mark brings is a Scalar Heart Certification, NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certifications, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy® Certification, Energetic Alchemy, Reiki and Reconnective Healing Mastery. Mark is an accomplished Vocalist, Saxophonist and Yoga Enthusiast.

    Mark’s special ability is to engage his audience and guide them to go deeper within. His passionate commitment for Personal Transformation shines through in his humor, warmth and compassion – all of which showcase his ability to move people to absorb the message and put it to use in their own uniquely transformation ways. Mark is deeply grateful to share his innate ability to connect people – to their feelings, each other, ultimately to themselves – and then to the world.