The Recalibration Workshop

Dig Deep. Reprogram. Reset

The Recalibration™ is not just another self help workshop.

There are an abundance of “self help” workshops, seminars and webinars that focus on helping people change one aspect of their personal or professional lives. Many people who are serious about self improvement have participated in more than one of these workshops seeking to discover easy answers and solutions, and many have been disappointed that the solutions were only temporary. The truth is that true change can only come from a foundation of knowing one’s core and true self.

The Recalibration™ Workshop, developed by Certified Master Life Coach, Filippo Voltaggio, focuses on this truth. The methodology used in the Recalibration coursework is referred to as  “Core,” “Basic” or “Foundation,” because it works at the Core of Self, Beliefs and Issues, taking students back to Basics. It helps lay a Foundation for one’s true goals, life intention, purpose and fulfillment.

“We need to know our true selves to find our life’s direction,” says Voltaggio. “The experiences we have in our lives make us the individuals we are. Our self-concept arises from many diverse information sources, both positive and negative, stored in different parts of our memory. Through a structured curriculum, we take students through the building or rebuilding of their foundational core, or at the very least the recognition of their core. Our core affects every area of our life: self identity, relationships with others, career choices and advancement, financial responsibilities, family stability and spirituality. Their challenge is to dig deep into that core, discover new perspectives, reprogram and reset.”

People who have participated in The Recalibration Workshops are consistent in their appreciation and praise for both the course and the facilitation skills, insights and humor of Filippo Voltaggio. One student summed it up like this: “I truly enjoyed the Recalibration process. I loved the structure of the class and how the questions asked throughout walk you through a powerful self reflection. It brought into focus some of the unconscious thoughts and feelings I have about myself. Now that these feelings have been brought to light, I can choose if they serve me or not. Very empowering!”

This workshop is presented by 8 MARTINIS INTERACTIVE & Dar Freeland and co-facilitated by coaches Dorothy Lee Donahue and Mark Laisure. The Early Bird registration for this event is $299, $349 if paid at the door.

What is The Recalibration™ and who is Filippo Voltaggio, as a Life Coach:

Filippo Voltaggio, creator of The Recalibration™ is one of the Founders of The Life Changes Network of Life Coaches. Filippo’s main expertise is helping individuals and groups through transitions of all kinds.

Filippo is a Certified Life Coach, an Author, the Host of “The Life Changes Show,” Creator of The Life Improvment Workshop™, Certified Master Teacher of Energetic Alchemy, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Time-Line Therapy Practitioner, Certified Reconnective Healer, Certified Scalar Heart Connection Practitioner, and Theta Healer.