• Curriculum

  • The RECALIBRATION¬† Workshop Series

    The RECALIBRATION is a workshop series that is modular, with modules that can be interchangeable based on corporate, business, organizational, or personal needs.

    From a two-hour keynote introductory type lecture which lays the ground tools for recalibrating any aspect of work, life or relationship to the actual courses. The modules themselves consists of Two-Hour standalone courses which can be combined for a Half Day (Four-Hour), Full Day (Eight-Hour) up to a combined Two Full Days.

    The Modules

    Foundational Intensive Workshop

    Foundational Workshop Module 1

    Foundational Workshop Module 2

    Leadership Module

    Sales Module

    Team Builder Module

    Filippo Voltaggio Leading Recalibration Workshop

    Filippo Voltaggio Leading Two-day Recalibration Workshop in San Diego, October 2016