• KNOW THYSELF w/ The RECALIBRATION Workshop, July 17th and 18th, 2021

  • Reconnect with YOUR Inner Voice, Regain Your Knowledge and Appreciation of YOUR Self, Reimagine YOUR Life; Past, Present, and Future! KNOW THYSELF July 17th & 18th, 2021 - Energetic Alchemy Hosts The RECALIBRATION Workshop

  • Sat, July 17th, (11:00 am – 6:00 pm), and Sun, July 19th, (11:00 am – 6:00 pm) 

    A confidential, supportive, heart-centered, mind-focused, interactive, personal and group transformational experience.

    Energetic Alchemy Discount – Just $330, Regular Price $450

    BOOK BY July 14th to pay ONLY $330

    To Reserve Your Seat, Write Dorothy Lee Donahue of Energetic Alchemy at LoveandMiracles@gmail.com.

    For More Information, Visit www.TheRECALIBRATION.com or Email Filippo@LifeChangesNetwork.com

    The Recalibration™ Workshop – Helps develop a deeper INTRAPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with yourself, allowing for BREAKTHROUGHS in mental and emotional blocks, supporting solidifying your personal CORE BELIEFS, and paving the way to REWRITING your past, present and future life story, to ultimately RECALIBRATING your life.

    The Recalibration™ Workshop focuses on the maxim of “Know Thyself.” Through Lectures, A Guided Series of Questions, Personal Self-Work, and Group Discussions, the methodology invites the participants to rethink things they thought to be true and decide if they are true for them, and whether they work as the foundation for their best future.

    The coursework skillfully guides each group participant to individually look at themselves and their work, life, relationship, etc., from the inside out, the outside in, and, also from the preverbal 50,000 feet. From the past to the present, and from the present to the future the intent is to create the future results, company, career, product, body, relationship, family, etc., each individual personally wants for their lives.

    In the course, through a series of questions, and discussions, the conscious mind begins to communicate with the unconscious mind to be able to find potential “pot holes” on our road to our best self, thus enabling the possibility to pave the road, “foundation,” for one’s true goals, life intentions, career paths, purpose, relationships, health,… fulfilment.

    The RECALIBRATION™, seeks lasting personal change.  It provides a safe space for participants to share, see past obstacles, challenges, disappointments and limitations; and see them from a new and different perspective, transforming past obstacles into opportunities, challenges into gifts, disappointments into discovery and limitations into liberation.

    Dark areas from the past are illuminated in such a way that blocked ideas and negative behaviors can naturally dissolve, allowing every individual to “reprogram” their former selves into a new and healthier person, living the life they deserve to live and then “reset” it so that it can stick. And the best of all, all of this transformation takes place in a fun and supportive environment, the quickest and most efficient way to learn and make lasting change.

    The RECALIBRATION™ courses work in compliment to the newer understandings of “the laws of good business,” “the laws of success,” “scientific laws,” “laws of psychology,” “the law of attraction,” and the old adage, “you can’t change anyone but yourself.”


    “I loved the workshop. It really helps move one from the intellectual knowing to it being cleared heart, mind and body to let go of what was and getting present forward. The care and support and love is what helps the healing, as well as one’s own willingness to be authentic and share honestly about themselves. I am already standing firmer in myself. Thank you for a wonderful program! I have already been recommending it..” – Vicki Mizel, Creator of Passion Quest

    “I am glad and proud of myself for attending The RECALIBRATION workshop. I enjoyed the group. Not only were we able to relate to our personal issues from the past and present but to also receive inspiring messages from each other within our group and then as a whole group to pursue our future growths. Experiencing this workshop made me more powerful within my soul that I can go on and achieve all that I can set myself to do. Thank you to You Filippo.” – Santina L.

    “The Recalibration is a fascinating journey into the crevices we sometimes miss…the areas we hide from ourselves or are too close to that we can’t see them. It offers a safe and supportive method of revealing and releasing what no longer serves us, while simultaneously igniting a new vision of our true purpose. Giving us permission to step fully into our power! I truly enjoyed every moment. – Stephani Anne L.

    “I took this workshop with Filippo Voltaggio and encourage anyone to RECALIBRATE at least once with Filippo and then ongoingly for the rest of one’s life. Can be of great benefit to anyone at any place on their life path.” – Lael Belove (Founder of YES Salon International)

    “From the very first meeting, I did not understand how answering questions about “what I am” going to help create positive changes in my life. Surprisingly, the further the group progressed, the more I started to realize that everything I had been doing is an important part to help shape my future.

    I learned something new about myself. Filippo is a genius. He is very good at helping people gain different perspectives about themselves and guiding them to understand their issues on a deep level. His sense of humor enhanced the experience in the group even more. I walked away realizing I already have the very thing I thought I was lacking. I got to see people in the group, including myself, burgeoning to be their better selves.

    It was indeed a powerful experience. The experience I got is priceless.” — Sapatsanun C.

    “I am very thankful for this course. I have changed my old negative thoughts and feel better about myself, thanks to Filippo’s professional support and understanding over this period of time.

    Thank you very much again for your kind concern and support.” — Nuttamon H.

    “I attended The RECALIBRATION in the fall of 2015 led by Life Coach extraordinaire, Filippo Voltaggio. Wow what a great experience for me! We explored areas that really make you dig deep down inside and examine life patterns from the past, present, and future.

    I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to discover for themselves who they are, what they are, and what they will become. The weekly assignments were designed to delve deep inside and ponder why we are who we are and ways to change things in our lives for the better.” —Tricia W.

    “I speculated on the events of my life and challenged myself to a more expanded interpretation. Perhaps my soul is on a mission that my old stories just became irrelevant. Perhaps hanging on to things that don’t give me power and insight and block my aspirations are not relevant to me anymore.

    ‘Tis possible I am not who I believed I was and am supported in ways I hadn’t imagined. So, given that, now what? Time to write the next scene in the movie of this short adventure.

    Filippo, your work is amazing! Dig your gig!” — Kim K.

    “Filippo, my new friend, have something very special going and it’s not just the program. While your weekend intensive program and the process made me think about people and places long left behind, [the break-out groups] made the discussions about difficult subjects practically pain-free. 

    The process was a wild ride causing continuous reflection. On Monday my mind seemed uncharacteristically relaxed (can’t remember that ever happening) and, during a Karate class that night, my body followed suit (that has never happened either). Truth is I can’t stop thinking about it. Tuesday brought another very cool AHA. 

    Thank you for welcoming me into this new family and I’m honored to have met every person there.” — Debbie Love